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  • Bosch@PrestigeTech_1306

    Improve Your Office Space with Plants

    What if there were a piece of office equipment that could purify your air, improve the aesthetics and make you feel better in general? You’d probably be rushing out to buy it, right? Well…

  • Venkateshwara-Dvlprs@Electron_9211

    An Introduction To A Growing Trend: Activity Based Working

    What is Activity Based Working? Activity based working (ABW) is based on the premise that no employee ‘owns’ or has an assigned workstation. Rather, the broader workspace provides employees with a variety of predetermined activity areas…

  • Person-Height-Adjust_002636

    How is Ergonomic Office Furniture perfect for your start-up?

    Adjustable office furniture is useful across all segments of businesses. The comfort, flexibility, and smart space sense make adjustable office furniture popular among start-ups. This product line not only provides for comfortable hours of…

  • ergonomic-chairs-online

    Why Startups Should Choose Ergonomics over Bean Bags

    In entering a business, facilities are important. Every office needs tables, chairs, computers and many more. With this, it is always best to choose the facilities that are comfortable to use. One of the…

  • featherlite-switches-on-to-the-green-lights

    Featherlite Switches on the Green Lights

    The World must turn to the Sun to power our Future. As the developing world lifts billions of people into prosperity, our hope for a sustainable planet rests on a bold, global initiative.– Narendra…

  • OOTM-Cover

    Best Offices of 2014

    Have a look through some of the best offices we furnished in 2014. For a more comprehensive list of our completed projects, please visit Also subscribe and stay tuned for our upcoming series- Office…