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Optima Mesh

Multilock Synchro Mechanism
Reclining is effortless. A superior multilock synchro tilt creates a smooth and balanced feel as you move from one position to the next. Push the left-side lever forward/backward to unlock/lock reclining at multiple positions.

Adjustable Lumbar Support
The lumbar support promotes a healthy back posture. Allows for optimal lumbar support position for good back support and blood circulation. Move the lumbar support up/down & forward/backward (by rotating the handles) to find your comfort position.


High Back- 19.5 kg
Medium Back- 18.4 kg

Depth- 51 cm
Width- 62 cm

Width- 62 cm
Depth- 66 cm
Minimum Height- HB: 113 cm; MB: 102.5 cm
Maximum Height- HB: 123 cm; MB: 113 cm
Minimum Seat Height- 57.5 cm
Maximum Seat Height- 62 cm
Width (Arm to Arm)- 62 cm
Arm Rest Height- 18.5- 26.5cm

Designed for you

Optima Mesh exhibits seating that offers unparalleled levels of comfort and support. The mesh is biomorphic, designed to fit and adapt to every curve and contour of the user’s body. Its lightweight and contemporary aesthetic design communicates the chair’s inner workings and make it nonintrusive in its environment. Optima mesh is a chair ready to adapt to anyone, anywhere, accommodating the needs of the user on their own terms.