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Float L Shaped

Float L

Float with each other
For collaboration to cultivate creativity and progress, teams require versatile spaces that are more appealing and conducive to developing their work. Designed for users that need a balance between privacy and collaboration, the L-shaped arrangement of float provides users with individual spaces that are ideal for working in groups. Teams have instant access to the richest resource available in the office- each other.
Workstations are customisable to fit in with the requirements, atmosphere and ethos of each user’s workspace.


Float to your work
Float Linear presents new ideas to optimise the use of space in office environments and offers the ideal template for developing an open and welcoming workplace that is versatile and well-organised. Providing a uniform, professional aesthetic for offices with a large number of users, Float Linear maintains an environment where productivity is key. Individuals will find themselves in a pleasingly customisable space where work can be enjoyed and concentration is made easy.
The Float Linear arrangement presents a sustainable, economic solution and maximises space potential.

Unifying ideas in the modern office

Clarity- Space to think as well as work, Float systems open up new ways to be productive.
Community- Fostering environments where colleagues are at ease with one another. Networks develop, collaboration flourishes.
Ingenuity- Innovation inspires innovation, space is vital to how we work.

Float redefines modern design in the workplace. With smooth anodised aluminium that blends seamlessly into steel, wood and high strength polycarbonate, it is one continuous structure where form and function combine to work perfectly.
Meticulously engineered, but dramatically simple. Using high pressure aluminium die-casting and weldless technology, Float pushes the edge of design and engineering.

Aesthetics- Float spares no detail in maintaining a consistently smooth aesthetic. The design features absolutely no visible hardware and transparent, self adjusting shoes that give the tables a light, almost floating look.
Simplicity- With separate raceways for electrical and data cables, technology management couldn’t be simpler and more efficient. Flip up ports reduce hassle and bring accessibility right to your fingertips.
Practicality- Float systems are easily flat packable. The product can be shipped anywhere across the globe and assembled with ease.